Age Criteria for Admission in Play School

Minimum Age for PlaySchools

Pre Kindergarten Programme

Age Group : 1 yrs to 2 yrs      Duration: 4 hrs (5 days a week)

  • Kothari Starz is an activity based early childhood care and development programme
  • Our prime objective is to help unlock child potential and lay the right foundation for healthy growth and development
  • Use of collaborative Parent- Teacher-Child engagement & interactive programmes
  • A well designed programme for social, emotional, cognitive, sensory and physical development of children
  • Unique Methodology of child support based on multi-sensory stimulation through visual, auditory and kinesthetic programmes
  • Limited class strength to ensure optimum teacher-child ratio for focused learning and personal attention
  • Child friendly environment with emphasis on creativity, imagination, self-exploration and enhancement of self-esteem so as to ensure that children grow up with perspective rather than problems
  • Activity and theme based curriculum encompassing dramatic play, circle time, art, music, storytelling and creative medium