List of Play Schools in Sector 50 Noida - Facilities

List of Play Schools in Noida

Play School in Sector 50 Noida

Facilities list of Kothari Starz helps you to select best play school in Noida among a huge list of Play schools in Noida. The RIGHT ENVIRONMENT helps in developing the child's ability to learn, communicate, trust, love, develop confidence and a positive self-esteem. Working on this approach to bring about the holistic development of the child, various development/activity centers have been created: 

SPIRITUAL DHAWNI – Children meditate on spiritual sholaks.

DAVINCI STUDIO- Computer learning plays a vital role in enhancing child’s intellectual abilities such as classification, sorting, sequencing memory & observation etc. henceforth we have very a well equipped computer Library which is called “DISCOVERY”. The aim is to inculcate the basic sense of awareness about computers and to facilitate children to acquire basic knowledge to handle the computers. All, the computer systems are loaded with relevant software’s through which we ensure each child’s conceptual & other developments.

  • DISCOVERY CENTRE- This Developmental studio is one of the most unique activity center which leads to overall development of children. This center has extremely wonderful teaching aids which have been incorporated after a research of nearly a decade. Developmental zone consist teaching aids to facilitate all the areas of child development such as mental, physical, socio-‐emotional, linguistic & creative development. The centre is the biggest space to ensure the developmental milestones. It provides stimulating environment by ensuring learning which is both age appropriate and contextual.
  • AUDIO VISIUAL LEARNING CENTRE: The purpose of this Audio visual teaching aid is to ensure learning by seeing. It is a teaching device which makes learning experience very interesting & real for children. This apparatus also leads to more than one development at one point of time. Teachers use it as an effective tool in terms of introducing and revising various concepts.
  • MINI OPERA: The recreational activities like dancing & singing make them more active and positive. Mini Opera is a room to perform all the Dancing and Singing, Yoga activities.
  • BALL TUB: The best thing for the children is to play with balls. It is loved by children of all age group. With a view to make it more exciting for the tiny tots, there are giant tubs filled with balls of different colors. Purpose of this unique feature is to implement the ideas of integrated education in most playful manner.
  • CLASSROOMS: A colourful and bright atmosphere with lots of toys and posters all around the walls of the classrooms. Anti-pollution plants will not only beautify the surrounding but it will also amplify positivity in the atmosphere. The classrooms are the BreathEasy Classrooms. This will rejuvenate the children and help in the smooth learning process.
  • FAIRYLAND/PLAYZONE: An area devoted for the swings, slides, rockers, rides and mini-wheels where children can play around happily and enjoy the small rides designed keeping in mind the safety of the children. Rubber flooring to prevent any kind of injuries while playing.
  • TINY DESERT: Small artificial sand pits pretending like deserts are for the development of gross motor and fine motor of the children.
  • SWIMMING : Our preschoolers enjoy swimming in mini pool and learn to be friendly and confident with water.
  • TAEKWONDO : Our professional taekwondo teachers help our children to be strong in self-defense
  • MINI CAFÉ: It is the dining area where, the children not only have food but they are trained with the table etiquettes and good eating and sharing habits.
  • SLEEPING ROOM: Room equipped with soft and comfortable mattress where children can take a nap after school hours.  WELLNESS ROOM: Room equipped for immediate medical emergency.